About us

Founded in 2012 and branched out across four regions, Carnil Commodities FZC has established herself as a committed, international trader and an effective member of the raw material supply chain.

Through our Import, Export and Distribution services, we can proudly claim that we have brought together manufacturers and end-users from different parts of the globe.

The core strength of our trading activities lies in bulk business where we successfully move over 1 million MT of cargo annually.

Products and services

Carnil has managed to move over half a million tons of agriculture commodities to the Middle-East every year, becoming one of the most influential members of this supply chain network. We managed to move over 850,000 metric tones of grains and vegetable oils. Our supply network covers the majority of the world’s production locations, and varies from season to season. Our main focus however, has been South America, Black Sea Region, Malaysia and India. Carnil moved over 450,000 mt of soybeans from Argentina to the Middle East, making about 40% of the overall agriculture turnover.

Carnil’s core strength of trading activities lies in the bulk business, wherein we successfully move over 1 million mts of cargo annually. We have constant inquires of raw material products, and our markets mainly include Middle East, India sub-continent and the Far East. TSP, DAP, SOP are some of the frequently traded items in bulk. In the fertilizer field, we are major supplier of Chinese phosphate products to Middle East and India. We also supply sulphur to India & China.

Within the past years, Carnil has managed to create and maintain a close relationship with our buyers and have always been presented at the time of their need, fulfilling their requirements and providing certain flexibilities to expedite the execution of orders. We have created a niche in the trading industry within couple of years of our establishment and have meet client expectations. Our competitive strengths are our supply center, our customer base, our commitment to quality and our experienced management team.

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